What are the main uses of ceramic incense burner

A ceramic incense burner is a kind of pottery that has been made for thousands of years in China. It can contain the ash which comes from burning incense, and resemble scenes from nature. They were traditionally used to mark special occasions, but are valued today for decoration.

Ceramic incense burners, also known as censers, were first used in China. They are typically ceramic and include pictures of dragons or other symbols from nature on them. A ceramic incense burner can be made by mixing clay and water together and then shaping it into a pottery form. The ceramic is heated to very high temperatures in a kiln. It is vital the ceramic incense burner does not break while it is being heated or once it has been taken out of the kiln and allowed to cool. If it breaks at any stage then you will have to start again.

The main purpose of a ceramic incense burner was to burn incense, which is the dried plant material that gives off fumes when burned. This would have been used in many religious ceremonies or for other moments of prayer, but they are also seen as having decorative value too. In modern times, a ceramic incense burner is used as a piece of decoration and the kind you have will depend on your personal preferences.

A ceramic incense burner can be made from low-fired or high fired pottery. Low-fired pottery, also known as earthenware, is baked at a temperature of less than 1,000 degrees Celsius. Click here to buy a ceramic incense burner made from this type of pottery is more likely to have a dull finish and it will be less durable than high-fired pottery.

On the other hand, a Chinese ceramic incense burner that is made from high-fired pottery can withstand temperatures of 1,000 degrees Celsius or more, and it will have a shiny ceramic finish. It is also more durable.