What Makes A Perfect Wooden Bench Top

To make a perfect wooden benchtop, you need a budget along with a working plan and your own aesthetic preference. A perfect wooden benchtop should be sturdy. Here are some important things that go into finding the perfect wooden benchtop.

Design – When you are making a benchtop of your own design, make sure that you analyze your needs. With the right kind of tools, you can craft the benchtop to make it look appealing. Have a proper understanding of where to install it so that you can design it better. Also, keep in mind the needs you would do with the benchtop to have a more satisfying design.

Height – This plays an important part in building a great wooden benchtop. Almost every benchtops have 28 to 38 inches tall, 48 to 96 inches wide, and 28 to 36 inches deep. Customize the benchtop according to your body height. This way, you can sit on it in a comfortable way without hustle.

Strength – The secret to a perfect wooden benchtop is choosing the right materials and building a strong top. When you are constructing the benchtop, keep joinery and fastener simple and easy. Make use of structural screws, drills, and glue. Build it like a house, with a strong foundation.

Kind of wood – Both softwood and hardwoods are perfect for building a great wooden benchtop. However, softwoods are inexpensive compare to the hard ones. Softwoods are less durable than hardwoods.

Alternative ways – Plywood and MDF are the two alternatives you can use in lieu of wood. The surface of both these materials are quite durable and can resist normal wear and tear.


With the right kind of tools and building materials, you can make a wooden benchtop suited for your specific needs. You can never tell when a benchtop could be handy. So, it is good to have one in your house.