Tips to find the best-ripped jeans for men

Ripped jeans are a huge trend for this season and they are being used by fashionistas of various gender, race and age. The ripped jeans are not only loved by gents but also women. The ripped jeans are also seen in plus size clothing and as swimwear in branded labels. These jeans for men come in various colors and shapes but most of them are black, denim or grey tones. If you are looking for the perfect pair, there are many options out there you can choose from! to buy these jeans you need the following tips;


The ripped jeans for men are available in an array of sizes and the size you wear will depend on your shape. If you are a plus size or obese with a bigger waist, this denim might be comfortable to wear for you. The style is made of cotton and hence it is more comfortable than other styles.

2.Style and Colors

The ripped jeans are available in different cuts, lengths and styles. It is advisable that before you purchase the jeans, it is important to look at the previous trends of ripped jeans that have been used by men in the past years to determine what suits you the best. Buying a pair with a wrong style would not meet your expectations at all! Choose one that has been tried and tested by many people around you. You can also choose those with frays on the outside seams or on the back pockets of these jeans for men. These will make your legs look long and shapely;


The best type to wear is 100% cotton, especially if you are someone who loves fashion and wants to wear something that pushes the envelope and have a brave face in front of people. The jeans must fit the body perfectly and they should be 100% comfortable. If you are someone that carries extra weight, you can opt for the loose fit jeans as these will help in keeping your comfort levels intact!

4.Was it damaged?

The ripped jeans for men can come pre-ripped or damaged. The ones that have been ripped must have been cut with ripper or a knife, but if they do not look fresh anymore and they are dirty, they are no longer in style! The old fashion ripped jeans will be out of style in an instant. Therefore, make sure you get a pair that is fresh and clean so as to ensure you maintain your good image in front of society.


Different brands of jeans offer different prices and you must choose one that suits your budget. If you love wearing ripped jeans, you might want to opt for the winter months, when there is less movement of people and therefore less chances of wearing ripped jeans. These jeans are quite expensive when compared to other denim brands due to their cut, fit and brand name; therefore make sure that you have enough income!

6.Color Combinations

If you love wearing black, keep the ripped jeans for men in grey color tone rather than blue or black tones. Women can wear these in dark shades of pink instead of plain coral reds, which tend to create a huge contrast between the pants and shoes they wear with them. You can also wear the jeans in grey washed shades, which can look quite attractive on the faded denim.