Look For the Basketball Holiday Program

The basketball push is “an important way to reach all of our young players. The program allows our players to learn the game in a positive environment before they reach high school”. In addition to improving fundamentals, participants “will also learn important skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and character.” The basketball push also targets underserved youth. The push is “specifically designed for youth in 3rd through 8th grade.”

Many families celebrate holiday traditions together. Some families celebrate by going to church together, and some go to a basketball game together; Some families celebrate by going to the mall together, others by spending time at home together or doing fun activities as a family; Some families celebrate by going bowling together, hiking together, camping together; Some families celebrate by going on vacation together, And some families celebrate by celebrating a basketball holiday program. No matter how families celebrate, each family celebrates in their own way, and enjoying the moment with each other is one of the most special and memorable moments together.

The basketball holiday program teaches children the basic skills of dribbling and shooting. Children spend the week improving their dribbling skills, shooting form, and offensive and defensive basketball skills. Children learn to dribble the ball, roll the ball, pass the ball, and dribble the ball again. Children also learn to shoot from positions on the court, including from a distance, and to make basket after basket. Children also learn defensive strategies, such as how to prevent the ball from going in. After the first week, children are invited to play against other students in a competitive, fun environment, just look for the basketball holiday program .

The “All-Star Basketball Holiday Program” by Basketball Unlimited is great for kids to have fun and learn the sport in a fun environment with individualized instruction by college coaches and players. Basketball Unlimited is one of the premier sports organizations in the country, starting young ballers on their road to success.