About Us

The Australian Solar Institute will provide much needed support for the Australian solar community, helping to retain Australian solar expertise and develop the next generation of Australian solar researchers. The Institute will foster greater collaboration between researchers in universities, research institutions, and industry and help forge strong links with peak overseas research organisations.

The ASI aims to drive collaborative, focused R and D that will have a major impact on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of solar technologies. It will also disseminate the results and learnings from solar research for the benefit of the Australian and global solar communities and the Australian public and will act as a catalyst and champion for Australia’s leadership strengths in solar research and development.

The Australian Solar Institute will seek to leverage funding from other stakeholders to achieve its mission. The ASI is part of the Government’s $5 billion Clean Energy Initiative (CEI), which includes the Solar Flagships initiative. The CEI complements the Renewable Energy Target by supporting the research, development and demonstration of low-emission energy technologies, including solar energy, that will help transform Australia into a low-carbon economy.

The Institute will make Australia a more attractive and productive location for solar researchers.


The Australian Solar Institute will support Australian researchers in solar photovoltaic and concentrating solar thermal technologies.

The majority of the Institute’s research funding will be allocated through a competitive grants program. A smaller proportion of research funding will be provided to core Institute projects and activities. This funding will lay the foundations for the Institute’s participants to conduct world-leading solar research and development and provide the Australian solar research community with access to world-class facilities.

ASI is about:

  • a proactive approach to R&D investments
  • excellence
  • collaboration, knowledge sharing, focal point
  • funding the very best projects for Australia
  • driving significant improvement in solar energy’s cost competitiveness
  • leveraging funding and support for solar R&D and sustaining the ASI beyond Commonwealth funds ending June 2012

Governance Arrangements

  • Company limited by guarantee, initially subject to CAC Act.
  • Commonwealth initially to be sole member
  • Provision for future members and to transition away from CAC Act
  • Permanent Executive Director and 7 member Board of Directors to be appointed
  • Research Advisory Committee to advise Board on funding applications